Our Professionals Still Make House calls. Without leaving your home, you can discover the window fashions that fit your sense of style with the expert advise of a Sunblockers design consultant.

Choosing what your window should wear is a lot like choosing what you should wear. Open you closet, what do you see? Your personal wardrobe, thoughtfully chosen to express the inner you to the outside world. Your home decor works in much the same way, with each room reflecting a mirror image of your unique sense of style. And with all due modesty,nothing establishes the mood of a room quite like Madico Window Film & Hunter Douglas window fashions. transforming the stark appearance of a naked window into an extraordinary statement of beauty. Let this web site be your personal guide to finding the style that meets your individual tastes and needs. And earn your windows a spot on the latest best dressed list!

Shade Products from Hunter Douglas


"Think of it as lingerie for your windows."

Look once. Look twice. Then look again. You're beginning to see the magic of Silhoette window shadings. Like beautiful lingerie, Silhouette shadings create an aura of magic as light flows through them, changing the mood within the room as easily as you change your mind. Suspended between two sheer fabric facings, soft fabric vanes appear to be floating on air, with no visible cords to interrupt your outside view. Fully opened, your world is bathed in a warm glow of light. Fully closed, privacy is at hand. Or tilt the vanes anywhere in between for highly precise control over the light. With Silhouette shadings,even furniture and carpets are protected from harmful UV rays. And with Madico window film your Silhouettes are protected from the damaging sunlight as well!


"Open wide. And say ahhh."

Natural light. One of the most powerful forces on earth. Only now,you have power over the light and all its intensities with Luminette Privacy Sheers. Uniting the beauty of soft fabric sheers with built-in light control, once an oxymoron, but now an illumination dial for setting the mood of any room. The sheer fabric facing softens the light upon entry,casting a warm glow throughout. Soft fabric vanes rotate with the simple twist of a wand, allowing for a clear, unobstructed view, total privacy, or any level in between. Offered in sizes spanning up to 192" wide and with a choice of stacking options, Luminette sheers are a vision of grandeur wherever they appear.


"As usual, Duette stands alone."

In a world of impersonators, nothing compares to Duette shades - the world's first and foremost honeycomb shade. Not in colors, fabrics, or textures. Not for design innovation and versatility. The patented honeycomb construction, available in single, double and triple layers and four pleat sizes, delivers superior energy efficiency and UV protection. Fabric opacities range from sheer to opaque to meet special light control and privacy requirements. And our True Pleat technology ensures pleats retain their crisp, even shape for the life of the shade.


"An idea that defies categorization. Again."

Having already created entire new categories in window fashions, we set our sights higher in pursuit of yet another big idea. The result is Alouette Light Louvers - a flawless union of traditional styles embodied in a novel new window covering concept that's as fresh and unique as your imagination. Sharing the same architectural beauty as wood shutters, a soft fabric finish en vocative of a shade, and the light control and privacy features that bring traditional blinds to mind. Yet, unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Country Woods

"The great outdoors. Indoors."

There are those days when we all just prefer to stay snuggled safely within the hand-spun cocoon we call home - taking a temporary hiatus from the world at large. Yet you can still enjoy the splendor of nature right inside your home when you invite Country Woods wood Blinds to your windows. Custom-made from the highest quality 100% genuine hardwoods and setting new standards for design, it's no wonder Country Woods are the top selling wood blinds, dare we say, in the country.

Modern Precious Metals

"Once again, Verticals are on top and at the edge."

An unusual yet especially fitting name for our collection of aluminum horizontal blinds. Modern in that their seek lines, stylish color palette and high-fashion finishes so beautifully complement current trends in home decor. Precious in that they possess many rare qualities that add to their value: de-Light, which blocks out the light ordinary blinds can't; LiteRise, a cordless lifting system for enhanced safety; and PowerTilt for one-touch remote control tilting of the slats. And made of highly durable Metals, giving them exceptional strength and durability. Once you see them, you'll find the name makes perfect sense.

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