Safety & Security Window Films

Sunblockers, Inc. Offers over 20 Safety & Security films as well as "Blast Proof" window films with attachments. Contact our Safety & Security estimator for a free consultation and he can help you select exactly the firth Safety & Security film for your requirements.

Benifits of Safety & Security Window Films

Safety & Security Products


Graffiti-Free / Protekt

Vandals cost building owners millions every year. Now you can fight back with Madico's Graffiti-Free Films. Acting as an invisible sacrificial layer, these films come between vandals and glass, helping to eliminate glass replacement in the event of spray paint and glass etching. Graffiti-Free is a transparent, protective barrier that can simply be peeled away when vandals strike - a cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective solution than replacing the window itself.

Help deter "smash & grab break-ins

An easy way for intruders to enter your building is by smashing through a window. In a matter of seconds, they're in and out - often with your property. With Madico Protekt Films, this type of criminal will get mire than he bargained for. Protekt is a strong film which bonds to glass and helps hold it together when struck, deterring criminals from entering your building and committing quick "smash & grab" thefts.

The most tested films in the industry

At Madico, all of our films are tested more rigorously, and to the highest levels of performance, than any other films in the world. Our goal is to not only meet standards and codes, but to exceed them, and provide your windows with the best protection and safety possible.

Sunblockers are experts at helping you identify your buildings unique vulnerabilities, and will recommend and install the right films quickly, with the highest level of proficiency. Please contact us for more information.