Automotive Window Films

Madico provides the highest quality automotive window film technology to ensure energy efficient solutions for your windows. Madico films prevent interior fading, increase driving comfort, increase security and safety, and add style to your vehicle.

Benefits of Automotive Window Films


Advanced Ceramic Automotive Films

HDMadico Advanced Ceramic is the world’s first “high definition” window film for your commercial property. This incredible innovation combines all the benefits of traditional window films with the latest and most impressive advancements in the industry.

Advanced Ceramic Window Films allow a greater amount of visible light to penetrate your office windows, while effectively blocking harmful UV rays, heat and glare. The effect is a crystal clear view of the outside world.

And, Advanced Ceramic films continue to provide the benefits attributed to our traditional window films:

The same Madico window films that were chosen by The Louvre, Smithsonian, and Guggenheim, have been improved upon by our “high definition” Advanced Ceramic technology, and are now available for your building.

MAC 3000

Idea for High-Level comfort, crystal clear views,

  • Visible Light Transmittance 33%
  • Ultraviolet Light Rejected 99.9%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 67%
  • Winter Heat Retention 24%
  • Glare Reduction 63%
  • Lifetime Warranty

Sunblockers, Inc. is the first dealer to offer “The Worlds First High Definition Window Film” in the northwestern region. Contact their estimator for a free consultation and he can help select exactly the right film for your requirements. Contact Us »